I love the summer so much, its one of my favourite seasons of the year. Now as promised I am using my brain and experimenting with new blog post types. Anyway recently I went to Westfield in London with a few friends and brought a load of new clothes for my wardrobe. 😊😊😊

My clothing style has become more hipster recently … I will go out in fedoras, loud patterns, clashing styles because I think that this represents me. 😊😊

So when I went to Westfield I brought a few key items. I have to buy clothes that are versatile and will go with everything I currently have 😊😊 So here is my first ever haul post 😊

Brown Brogues from Forever21


I love Brogues I find them so cool and vintage. These pair of Brogues I found in  Forever21 😊 I find that Brogues go with everything and are a typical vinatge/hipster item. I chose brown as it goes with everything like black or white. 😊  They are also extremely comfortable so they are the perfect buy for summer

Pink flower Hawaiian shirts from American Eagle


I brought these shorts from American Eagle as I needed a new pair of shorts. I chose these as I have recently found I love pale or pastel colours.  They really go with my blue and white wardrobe. 😊😊 When I saw these shorts I thought they were perfect as they have a Hawaiian flower pattern and are just so summery. Also they are in the style I like. Most comfortable shorts I have ever brought 😊😊

Blue denim blouse from Forever21


I love denim blouses and other blouses they are just do versatile. Anyway I used to have a denim blouse but I stupidly thought I could edit it and cut it, which ruined it. And I have been trying to find a replacement. 😊😊 I found this at Forever21 which was perfect. I love the fact that you can pair a simple denim blouse with anything 😊 jeans, shorts, skirts. Also it is a very hipster item 😊😊 When I  wore it the other day it was amazing as it was very thin so perfect for the summer weather if you want a long thing to protect your arms.

LA red shoes top from Forever21


This top would not have been something I usually pick up, but I thought I would buy it for a change. I was drawn to the design on the T-shirt just thought it was so me 😊😊 It is such a comfortable top and I am so glad I went with my gut and brought it 😊😊

Surfer bikini top/surf top from American Eagle


I love these kind of tops as bikini tops or surf tops since I am out on the water so often. Also I found recently my bikini top had a hole in it so I needed something to replace it. I chose this top as I loved the design and the idea 😊😊

Denim Hoodie from Forever21


We all need hoodies or jackets throughout the year as it can get very cold. I loved this Hoodie as like the blouse the style goes with anything and every colour. It is the most comfortable hoodie I have ever owned 😊

Hope you enjoyed this post comment below if you want me to do more haul posts and fashion posts 😊😊 Have a great day 😊