The month of June has come and gone and how quickly did that happen. 🙂 I still feel like I am in June, yet it is July. In June I focused mostly on completing the 30 Day blog challenge. This was a very fun thing to do, but now that June is over I have decided to set myself some goals for July, to help me have a better blog 🙂


  1. Post on A2A more than 4 times a week – Recently I have noticed that I only blog when I feel like it so I have decided  that I will post more than 4 times a week. Hopefully every day depending on the week I have.
  2. Think of my own original ideas for posts – I did the 30 Day blog challenge and daily posts because I didn’t know what to write. So now in July I am going to think of my original ideas for posts. Use my brain.. I am sure I have one in there somewhere.
  3. Try different post ideas – I realised that I used to do just standard posts and poems, I have decided I am going to try other types of posts. Like Outfits of the day posts, reviews of films and books and other cool stuff.