I was supposed to post this yesterday, but I was so busy doing good deeds, I did not have time to write this post. I went to see an old lady yesterday, it was her birthday and I have known her for a long time. Anyway she was diagnosed last year with severe Motor Neurone Disease, and is now no longer able to walk. She used to work at a coffee shop with me last summer, but now can’t even walk. This was her last birthday before she went into the care home, where she thinks she is most likely going toΒ pass away. She believes she is not going to be around at Christmas. It is so sad how quickly she has gone down hill.

I made her a birthday card with cats on it. She loves her cats. I feel like I have achieved something good today and done the right thing. So many people would have not done this but the smile on her face when she saw the card just made my day.

The cat card I made her
The cat card I made her

Her story reminded me of a quote I absolutely love which I wish to share for todays quote


This is such a powerful quote and even though I don’t know the author I just love the wording. We need to leave the past behind us as that is all ready gone and focus on the future and what is ahead of us. Everyday we wake up is a new day, new challenges, new choices but its a new day and that is all that matters. The lady I visited really reminded me of this quote, as even though her life may seem bad and she knows what is to come, she wakes up every day and is happy that she is alive.

I nominate booksarecooltooΒ she is an amazing blogger and I love reading all her reviews on books πŸ™‚