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July 2015

Dying to be read

Incase you didn't know I love books. I find they transport me to another world where I can be anywhere and do anything my heart pleases. I am currently reading A Game of Thrones. It is a very big book... Continue Reading →

Song of the day – To the Moon and back Feeling in a really retro mood so thought I would share this retro song by savage garden. They are an amazing band and I heard this song on the radio today while at work. It kind of stuck with... Continue Reading →

When summer comes

Hey guys 😊😊 Happy summer yayyy 😊😊 But here in Britain summer has not yet come. I currently sit at home just watching the rain in droplets pour down the window. Has not stopped raining all day. I am yet... Continue Reading →

Song of the day – Use Somebody I have decided to do a song of the day post to give you guys an idea of the music I listen to. Music is such a valuable part of my life that I find I need to listen... Continue Reading →

The genie that knows all

The other day I was scrolling through YouTube, you know just having a look at videos of youtubers I am following. I saw that Dan and Phil two of my favourite Youtubers did a video on the akinator. I was... Continue Reading →

Summer clothes haul…

I love the summer so much, its one of my favourite seasons of the year. Now as promised I am using my brain and experimenting with new blog post types. Anyway recently I went to Westfield in London with a... Continue Reading →

July Goals

The month of June has come and gone and how quickly did that happen. 🙂 I still feel like I am in June, yet it is July. In June I focused mostly on completing the 30 Day blog challenge. This... Continue Reading →

Quote Challenge Day 3

I was supposed to post this yesterday, but I was so busy doing good deeds, I did not have time to write this post. I went to see an old lady yesterday, it was her birthday and I have known... Continue Reading →

Quote challenge day 2

I love song lyrics as if you listen closely you can sometimes hear something that you will never forget. That simple line that will stay with you through the darkest times. I was thinking what song lyric I would pick... Continue Reading →

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