So I have got to catch up big time with what I have missed recently. I know that this has taken me over a month to do but I have had a lot going on in my life. (Like presently damaging my finger by dislocating it and then snapping a tendon and having a bit of bone yanked off) Yeah… I did that.. 😛

Anyway so the post I am doing today is Pet Peeves. I only really have one thing that annoys me and that is the social vortex of Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg thought he was doing the world a good and probably still thinks that but he doesn’t realise that Facebook is not a social network it’s an ANTI Social Network.

I have a Facebook account, and I do like it but what really annoys me is what my friends and family post on Facebook. I have seen it too often… this trend of just posting to Facebook whatever you feel like WHEN THE WHOLE WORLD CAN SEE IT. So I have put together a list of 16 types of posts on Facebook that annoy me and probably a lot of people and explain why.  I apologise in advance if I offend anyone in this post I don’t mean to. 🙂 Photo credit to

The Brag Post  – This is the kind of post when someone posts how great their life is.. or how great their relationship is. It just makes you wonder how desperate people are to get attention on sites like Facebook.


Vaguebooking – According to the Urban Dictionary this is when someone posts a random status that is very vague.. like “Why is this happening to me?” It is a plea for attention as people start asking questions to find out the truth. I have seen this a number of times on Facebook and for me it is not worthwhile to post something so short like that.

The Literal Status Post – This is probably one of the most posted statuses on Facebook. I mean people post everything that they are doing that day. Do I really want to go onto Facebook and see that you are having a bath. NO.. There are some things we do in the day that do not need to be posted on Facebook. Also these posts are exceptionally boring…


OTT Parent Posts – I am not against parents, I mean I know my mum and dad love me and my sister so much. But there is a limit to how much you can brag, or post how proud you are of your kids. They will get sick of you… Luckily for me, my parents aren’t like that and know when to not cross the line. 🙂


Phantom Tags – I have seen this so many times on Facebook, and thought this photo was perfect for demonstrating this. People randomly tag people in photos that have absolutely nothing to do with them. This is just to get them to see the photo but why??? If I am not in it why tag me in it? :/


Chain Posts – I hate these as they absolutely clutter up my news feed. People link posts and say if you don’t do this then…. If you actually ignore them they never happen. According to these I should have run over a cat, died, been shot… etc and yet here I am still standing. Yet people still do not understand that they are absolutely useless.


Redundant Links – People link to sites that you should see, news articles that you should read. If I go on Facebook I want to stay on Facebook and not be directed away by looking at websites you have previously looked at.. 🙂

Dinner Posts – Why do people post pictures of their food on Facebook. I mean I love food but wouldn’t you rather eat it. Stop taking photos of your food and sharing them with the world. You don’t need to. 🙂


Posting private moments – So many people do this they have arguments on Facebook where everyone can see it. Is this smart as all your friends and family would be able to see the argument. Keep the arguments in the house… do not let them spread to social media as that is a bad idea.

I am sorry if I have offended anyone in this post.., it’s just I can’t understand why you would post so much on Facebook. I have seen pictures of my cousins gravy burn on Facebook and a collection of other things I probably didn’t need to see or know. Keep Facebook secure and stop posting stuff that doesn’t matter. 🙂