Amazing poem and inspirational words by an amazing writer 🙂

Destination Of Dreams

Life can’t be defined because
It changes its definition itself,
If we define life now
Life will prove us wrong in the next second,
Life is a journey made of adventure
But adventures can’t be taken by everyone…
Life is freedom
But it has its own limitations…..
Life is like sky,
No matter how long we go sky will never leave you,
Similarly no matter how much old we grow,
We will be living life learning new things and even surprised
by so many things we don’t even have heard about,
Life is an incomplete but an unlimited encyclopaedia
Life is a book written by itself,
But lived by us….
Life will never be bright,
Before being extremely pale….
Life never agrees with us,
Without disagreeing with us for a number of times…
Life never let anyone fly,
Without cutting his wings for number of times….
Life will never save…

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