So its Day 20 now I know I am a bit behind but I am doing my best to catch up with what I have still to do. So todays post was something I miss, I was kind of stuck for ideas for this but then a poem came to my mind. Litterally it was writing itself in my head…. I grabbed a pen and paper and wrote the poem. It was spilling out, idea after idea came until I had this. I am sorry if it was sad but it’s all I seem to be good at writing 🙂

I miss having you by my side

There to protect me forever more

But now I just want to run away and hide

And pretend you never went to war

I wish I could have changed your mind

And prevented you from ever going

But, alas you had already signed

Plunging yourself into the unknowing

I wish we could be back together

We would have been happy for so long

I always thought you were clever

But something went wrong

And now you lie in the ground

With a bullet where your heart should be

You may no longer be around

But I wish you could see

What your loss has done to me

There is not a day that goes by

When I think of being free

From the pain and suffering that makes me want to die