So for me the future is very uncertain and I don’t know where I want to be in 10 years. I don’t have a plan as I live in the present I live for the moment. For me my life has been very uncertain, there were times when I let fate take its hand. After many years I have just learned that fate will be useful and whatever happens, happens. So this prompt was not that easy but I decided to do something a little different.

I love the game MASH if none of you have heard pof it before it is a game where you predict your future by writing down like names of boys, where you want to live etc. I love playing this game as the stories that come out of it are so unrealistic but often so funny. So I made an extended version of mash where I asked myself 21 questions instead of 4. I will be including the game I played with all the answers and a story at the end that includes all the answers. I hope you will enjoy this as much as I did when doing this. Most of this will never come true and some of the answers are very random as I didn’t know what to write.

You have been warned!!!

The Game:

(By the way I am just putting the names down of everything I wrote. I tried to do a proper Mash game on here but it was an absolute nightmare trying to get it to work.)

  • Boys (aka. youtubers): Dan Howell, Phil Lester, Marcus Butler, Joe Sugg
  • House: Mansion, Shack, Appartment, House
  • City: Tokyo, London, Shanghai, Sydney
  • Job: Physiotherapist, Librarian, Carer, Bartender
  • Cars: VW Bug, Smart Car, Toyota IQ, Mini
  • Car colour: Blue, Bright Green, Turquoise, Grey
  • Place you get married: Church, Beach, Treehouse, Registry Office
  • Colour dress: White, Pastel blue, Pastel green, Pastel pink
  • Colour tuxedo: Black, Blue, White, Grey
  • Kids: 2, 1, 3, 5
  • Pet: Goldfish, Turtle, Monkey, Bird
  • Honeymoon: Australia, Costa Rica, Fiji, Florida
  • Time phase: 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 1 month
  • Husband’s job: Radio DJ, Lifeguard, Author, Mixologist
  • Husband’s car: Honda Civic, Ford Focus, Ferrari, Toyota Prius
  • College: East Berkshire College, Reading College, Westminster University, Royal Holloway
  • How you met: At a library, At college, At the park, At the coffee shop
  • Courses: Physiotherapy, Nursing, Librarianship, Tourism
  • Where first kiss was: At the local park, On your doorstep, At the movies, While hugging up on sofa
  • Kids names (boy): Ethan, Dylan, Lucas, Freddie
  • Kids names (girl): Izzi, Ruby, Louise, Frankie

The story: – the highlighted parts are the ones which I ended up with. 😛

Once upon a time there lived a young girl who spent her time in the library dreaming of a day when someone would come and take her away. She was at westminster university studying physiotherapy. She commuted daily to the university in her bright green smart car. One day while at the local library where she worked to get money for her university course she met a guy. He was looking around a bit confused, he turned around and saw you looking at him and instantly walked up to you. He said “Hi my name is Marcus Butler, and I am a radio DJ. I was wondering if you had any music books that I can use to improve my work.” She looked him in the eyes and said that the library had a very extensive music section including a number of DJ books. They kept chatting after she had directed him to the music section.

They were both interested in the things the other one had to say and she found it very interesting. She turned around and said that she would love to hear some of his music as she was very keen on music herself. He then turned around and slid a piece of paper into the book she was holding, it was a phone number and an address. He turned and paid for his books and then said that he would like her to direct him to his car. She turned and walked out with him (even though on the job) and there parked in front of the library was a gleaming Ferrari.

As he drove away she held the piece of paper with his number close to her chest and watched her prince head into the sunset. Later that day after having finished work she texted him to say how nice it was to meet up and would love to do it again sometime. She got an instant reply saying “Yes I would love to meet up as you are my true hearts desire.” After that date they fell instantly in love and a number of dates later while hugging up on the sofa after a movie night they had their first kiss. He told her how much he loved her and couldn’t believe that he had stumbled upon a magical girl in the library. Their kiss lingered a long time as they both knew this was the perfect moment.

After a year of dating and spending time with each other he finally popped the question. Of course she had to say yes he was the love of her life, and she did not want a single day to be spent without him. So the wedding was on for the spring coming up. They both wanted to get married in the spring and very much enjoyed the peace of this time. They got married in a church, one of the really old fashioned ones that look out of a fairytale book. They both agreed on a white wedding to go with the fairytale feel so he wore a white tuxedo and she wore a white dress. This was the happiest moment of their young lives.

After having been married they went on a 1 week honeymoon to Australia. They spent most of their time on the east coast enjoying the nice beaches and learning to surf as a newly found couple. After the honeymoon they packed up their house in the middle of London and set of to explore the world. They moved to Shanghai where they brought a nice deluxe house for them and the family to come. They very much enjoyed their time in Shanghai as he spent his time at a radio station in the city and she spent her time at the local libraries. Although they came home one day and found the house very lonely, it was just them so it wasn’t enough. They wanted a family together, both of them wanted to share the rest of their lives together and make every moment count. So they went to the local pet shop and brought a turtle. For a few months this was fine, they were living as a nice family. But then one day she started getting really bad stomach cramps and she was really ill. She went and got a pregnancy test and found it to be true. Her and her husband were having a baby. She was so ecstatic that she instantly called him at work and he screamed down the phone he couldn’t have been happier. After the ultrasound she found out she was having twins, yes she was having kids. After many months of pain and her husband beside her she gave birth to a boy and a girl. She named the girl Louise, after her sister. And he named the boy Ethan, as he had always loved that name. They lived together as a family happily ever after.