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June 2015

Quote Challenge Day 1

I was recently nominated by ForeverShannon to do the Quote Challenge. She is such an amazing blogger and I am really inspired by her blog. Anyway incase you didn't know I love quotes, they have helped me through the darkest times,... Continue Reading →

Personality Test

So I got this test out of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Do it Yourself book, and I thought I would share with you the world my answers. What's your favourite animal? Fish Write down 4 adjectives to describe... Continue Reading →

Would you rather part 1

So I have been thinking a lot recently about would you rather questions.. These are questions where you are given a choice and you have to pick the best option for you 🙂 I thought I would take a break... Continue Reading →

Day 30 – Favourites list

I have finally finished the 30 Day blog challenge, taken me more than a month to do so but you know. So at the beginning of this challenge I asked people to comment as to what I should do on... Continue Reading →

Day 29 – Weird quirk of mine

Hey guys.. 🙂 So I planned on posting this yesterday but I came down with a rotten cold and spent most of the day on the sofa. I am feeling much better now 🙂 Anyway this post is all about a... Continue Reading →

Allergic to the ‘E’ Challenge

So I was just nominated for the Allergic to 'E' challenge by my amazing friend and amazing blogger Shannon from She is such an inspiring blogger and she linked me to this challenge. I gladly accepted as I never back... Continue Reading →

Day 28 – Top 10 things on my bucket list

So I recently updated my bucket list, but I haven't got around to posting it on WordPress yet, but you can look forward to that coming. 🙂 Anyway this days post is all about the top 10 things on my... Continue Reading →

Day 27 – Last time I cried

I cry a lot, I am one of these emotional people who just cries for any random reason. I don't care where I am or what I am doing if I want to cry then the tears will pour out... Continue Reading →

Day 26 – What makes me feel better always

Well I have decided to wrap up the 30 Day blog challenge and finish it today, as I realised I have probably done 30 days already but because I have been really busy I have been unable to do it... Continue Reading →

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