Dear whoever reads this
I would like to say to the people who hurt me and bullied me over the years.. You could have thought about your actions before you went ahead with them. To you it may have seemed like a good idea, but to me it hurt more than ever. Whether it be the simple thing of not wanting to be my friend or just saying mean and hurtful words. You could have thought about what it might do to me, how it might make me feel. But yet you never did, you just picked on the girl who cried lots, you picked on the girl who had no friends. You made her feel like the world was against her. I know it made me tough, but I could have done without the pain. You tore my world apart brick by brick and no matter how much I try to forget the past I never can. It haunts me and looms over my every step.

So next time you decide to pick on someone or judge them. Think about what might be going on in their lives, take a walk in their shoes. As bullying them may hurt them even more than you planned to. So whoever reads this take on the messages I have relayed in this post, as your actions even just a simple word can ruin someones life. Don’t put that pain upon anyone it is not nice.


Sorry i just had to get that rant out. šŸ™‚

Ruth šŸ™‚