Instead of doing my most proud moment which I found was very difficult I instead am going to write about. My most proud feeling that has kept me going on through the darkest times life threw at me. Over the years I have had a hard time trying to make friends and being bullied a lot.. But over the years I got tougher and tougher and I started to realise that their insults are just words. However in some situations like a lot of words are more piercing than being physically hurt. I spent most of my childhood in the corner of the playground hugging the wall as that was the only friend I had. It got really bad and I had to get help from other people.

When I was at this low point I started to say to myself that you just have to be yourself as no one else can be it but you. This helped a lot as I stopped feeling bad that I had no friends and started going out there and doing the best I can while I am alive. For me life is a rollercoaster and there are ups and downs but once you finish you will be glad of what you achieved. Life is about the journey. Sorry this is a really short post couldn’t think of anything else to write.