For Day 7 of this challenge I have to write about my favourite foods with recipes. This was very easy for me as I love to cook and these are definitely some of my favourite dishes of all time.

  • Eton Mess – Incase you didn’t know eton mess is a typical English dessert made from meringue, cream and fresh berries. It originated from the town of Eton where the famous college is. I love it as it is so fresh and is not as overpowering as I find chocolate desserts to be. I think this is a nice blend between fresh and sweet. Find the recipe here


  • Chinese Style Chicken Noodle Soup – This is one of the first recipes I tried of my favourite chef Sam Stern. I loved the recipe instantly because of the wide variety of different flavours used. I think the combination is very unusual but seems to work perfectly well when blended together in this situation. I slightly adapted the recipe to make it more appealing and I think my way works. Basically you get chicken stock, soy sauce, Thai fish sauce and rice wine. You put a dash of each of the sauces into the stock in a pan. You then add chicken breast (already fried), spring onions, pak choi or spinach and noodles.

From BBC Good Food

  • Macaroni Cheese – This has to be one of my all time favourite dishes especially the way my granny makes it. To make this recipe you cook macaroni pasta in a pan with water. You then in a separate pan make a cheese sauce using butter, flour, milk and cheese. You then stir the pasta into the cheese sauce or the other way around. Then you put it into an ovenproof dish and top it with breadcrumbs or more cheese to make it crispy. My granny likes to add mustard to the sauce so you can do that too if you want to.


  • Aromatic Duck Pancakes – This is a very typical Chinese starter and I absolutely love it. The duck is marinated in some sauce and is cut into strips. It is often served with steamed pancakes, fresh cucumber, spring onions and hoisin sauce. I have never made this myself… I always by the pack ready made or I go to a restaurant and order them myself.

  • Stir Fry – This is one of the easiest dishes anyone can do and you can put any flavours with it or can add it as a side to any dish. To make a stir fry you just simply find any vegetables or meat in the house cut it all up and put it into a frying pan. If you wish to add spices you can as they can make the stir fry really pop. I love to add sesame oil or soy sauce. You can adapt a stir fry and add anything to it to make it appeal to different situations and different dishes. You can even add fruit!!!

From Wikipedia