Day 6 of the Blog Challenge and I have to write about 3 personality traits I’m proud of. To many people I may seem odd and unique but I have a few personality traits that I am proud of and that make me who I am.

  1. Creative – I love to be creative and over the years have done a number of creative projects including tapestry, sewing etc. My favourite creative subject at the moment is photography, I love to see something in a unique and different way. I do this with everything… cooking, drawing. I have to be creative and imaginative in order to express myself. I created a creative blog if you wish to see some of my creative works and photography on Create and Bake 
  2. Caring – I am a very caring individual and will go to all extents to help anyone in need. I am looking to go into the Health and Social Care Sector as I want to help people with disabilities.
  3. Thoughtful – I am a thoughtful person and will listen to anything you have to say. I will do my best to help whatever problems you may have and make you feel better.