So I have decided that I am going to start the 30 Day Blog Challenge. I got this idea from a number of blogs including:

I got inspired by these two bloggers who did this challenge and I instantly thought I would try it. I used to do the daily post but recently I have found them very boring. I think this challenge might give you a bit more of an insight into who I really am. The posts I will be doing over the 30 days are:

1. Introduction
2. Meaning of my Blog Name
3. 10-20 Facts about me
4. Earliest Childhood Memory
5. My Guilty Pleasures
6. 3 Personality Traits I am Proud Of
7. 5 Favorite Foods (with Recipes)
8. Old Photos of Me
9. First Celebrity Crush
10. Most Proud Moment
11. If I Won The Lottery
12. Favourite Quote
13. What Is In My Purse
14. Timeline Of My Day
15. My Dream Job
16. Favourite Childhood Book
17. What Am I Afraid Of
18. My Worst Habits
19. Where I Want To Be In 10 Years
20. Something I Miss
21. 10 Favorite Songs
22. Pet Peeves
23. A Different Time In My Life
24. Best Physical Features
25. Favorite Blogs / Websites
26. What Makes Me Feel Better Always
27. Last Time I Cried
28. Top Things On My Bucket List
29. Weird Quirk Of Mine

So this is the challenge I admit there is no Day 30 but i would like you my readers to come up with a question you want me to answer for Day 30. I think this will be an interesting challenge and I am looking forward to telling you guys more about my life and who I am. 🙂