In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Twenty-Five.”

In the English Language we need every single letter especially the vowels as these are sometimes the most important letters in the alphabet. My brain works backwards so I love challenges like this that take your mind to another level. So I am going to try a whole post but taking a different vowel out at each paragraph. Sorry some of this post might be unreadable.

How the English Language has evolved

The English lnguge is one of the most widely used lnguges in the world. This mens it is one of the most probble lnguges to chnge. Since 1500 D the lnguge hs evolved so much to the point tht people from tht time would not understnd wht we re saying. Modern dy english is full of slng and text bbrevitions, we wnt to get things done quickly so we misspell nd write words wrong. Why cn’t people be bothered to type or write full sentences insted of shortened lines to mke life lot easier. Sometimes I her new slng words tht I don’t know what they men.. Our lnguge used to be so simple why did society chnge for something much hrder to understnd.

In th past lif was so much asir to undrstand. Thr wr lss words in the languag and the way w pronouncd words was mor formal. Thr wr slang words but thy wr mor common and wr actual words instad of shortnd abbrviations like LOL. Also on thing I noticd whn looking on th wb for idas I found out that common words w us today hav changd thir maning. Th word ‘Dud’ was prviously usd to dscrib a man who did not follow standard fashion and wnt slightly ovrboard with his tast, Howvr in modrn socity it has bcom part of modrn tnag languag. It is usd in thir vocabulary as a way to show xcitmnt. It is also usd in surfr talk as a way of talking to thir mats.

What many people don’t realse s how much the language means to us. ts a way for us to show the world who we truly are. see so many people usng and abusng the englsh language. They don’t understand the history behind these words that le at our fngertps as we type on our computer keyboard. We have the whole world of vocabulary n our hands and the ablty to change the way we see the world with the power of letters and words. They are one of the fundamental forces on the earth and we as humans need to learn how to properly use them.

In England, like the whle wrld we have different regins where language is used in different ways. We have different accents across England. Take for example the nrth – Yrkshire and the suth – Crnwall. These tw different parts f the UK have different accents in the way they speak t thers. Als ne thing that changes with regin is the slang they use. Cckney rhyming slang is one f the mst ppular versins of slang in the UK. As billy gat means cat, apples and pears means the stairs. Yu hear it all arund the UK as it is very famus.

So why am I writing abot how mch the langage has evolved… becase I think people need to nderstand the importance of the english langage. It is worldwide and wherever yo go yo will hear it. In many ways the langage sed to be simple bt now it is the most poplar langage in the world. Even thogh I think that some parts of the modern slang have ruined the tre British accent. Text abbreviations are also annoying as people can’t be bothered to spell. Why do we live in a world thats dmb??

Tht ws vry hrd t thnk abt. t rlly gts y thnkng abt hw mprtnt vry sngl lttr n th lngg s. W wld b unbl t lv n  wrld wtht vwls nd ths chllng prvd tht. 🙂