In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “In Loving Memory.”

For today’s prompt I had to write my obituary, this is quite an interesting things thing to do. It made me really think about how I want to be remembered. This is how I myself want to be remembered, it is not a guideline for others when I actually die.

This is the day that Ruth, a loving and kind person took her last breath. To the rest of the world Ruth was not your average person and had a unique perspective on life. But what the others didn’t see was her big heart and her personality which made her a one of a kind person. I don’t think you could have ever found a friend like her.

She was a generally happy person and greeted each day with a smile. She made sure she smiled everyday as she knew that her smiling affected others and made their day better. If someone was upset she would be right at their side to do whatever she could to help them. She got this passion for helping from her mum and it grew into a big part of her life as she got older. Before she died she was volunteering around the community and was dedicated to helping those less fortunate than herself.

Everyday Ruth saw the extraordinary in the ordinary. She saw a better world and wanted to do her part in making this a reality, this meant she did an act of kindness every day and put her heart and soul into the work she did around the community. Ruth saw the goodness in everyone, even those who struggled to find it in themselves. She made it her goal to help others and get them on the path to happiness. 

Ruth always had a special place in her heart for people with disabilities and was dedicated to helping them be accepted in today’s society. I think she saw herself in them and wanted to do all she could to help. She spent many hours teaching disabled people how to swim and doing other things to make their life better. Although she never achieved her lifetime goal of adopting a disabled child, she knew she made a big impact in the lives of others and her loving compassion for those around her did not go unnoticed.

But behind her peaceful exterior lay a girl who had seen the worst this world has had to offer. Life was never easy for Ruth as she often found it hard work. Other people got handed life on a silver platter, Ruth had daily battles to overcome that someone of her age should not have experienced. Some people say this changed her, but I say it built the girl we all know. It made her a tougher person and she realised that she could deal with anything life chucked at her. But yet she kept all these daily pains hidden in a safe, so as it didn’t affect the girl we all knew and loved. This made her one hell of a person to know as she had seen the best and the worst of the world and was ready to ride the emotional rollercoaster of life with you.

As she faced the end of the race she did not seem upset nor did she shed a tear. As she knew at this young age her life she lived was worth fighting for and worth dying for. For she saw the goodness she had done to the community and the lives of people she changed around her and that was her legacy which she carried with her til the day she died. To others it may not have been the perfect dream life, but for her it couldn’t have been better.