I have recently been thinking a lot about my journey I have been through. Life seems to be amazing at throwing us curve balls that we have to dodge and get through. Whereas some people get life handed to them on a silver platter. People like me who struggle in life have to fight to get what we want and don’t often get the answer we were looking for. A while ago I wrote this quote which I think is a perfect way to describing this feeling.

Life is an unexpected journey, an adventure full to the brim with captivating moments that take our breath away. Throughout life there are many bumps and twists in the road, we have to overcome these hurdles but we usually come through. We may have a few bruises but we’re alive and that’s all that matters.

Aseop once wrote a story about the hare and the tortoise having a race. When I think of my life and look back into the past I am reminded of that story. Why??? Because I like there tortoise proceed at a slow and steady pace but I do eventually get there. I am behind I know, but I do also know that one day I will catch up and win my own race.