What do you display on the walls of your home – photos, posters, artwork, nothing. How do you chose what goes on your wall? What mood are you trying to create?

Wall to Wall

For me a wall is like a blank canvas, waiting to be designed with colours, patterns and textures. I think a home has to be unique and reflect your personality not a show home. A home is a visual representation of you and your personality, and if you hide that by following what everyone else does then you are not unlocking the true potential.

For me I like to focus on design this is because I have an artists eye – even though I am not an artist. I am creative though and this is reflected in the way I decorate my room as I don’t follow the standard way I step outside the box. My room is my safe haven, my peaceful and tranquil retreat for when I want to meditate. I painted it blue so it could remain a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Although the wall decorations are not perfect I like what I currently have.


So this is my most recent addition to my room it just fits right in with the rest of the room. It is a large white heart which my mum brought for her room but ended up in mine. It currently holds my small amount of jewellery which were on my shelf. I thought the white heart complimented the blue wall perfectly. It also is modern vintage which fits my style perfectly. I didn’t expect to have this but my mum said it suited my room more than hers so.. YAY 😛

The beach photo at the top is another feature in my room. I picked it up at a local home store and loved it. The shot is only a part of the photo as it is a really long canvas. That sits on my wooden feature wall above my bed and it makes me feel relaxed looking at the ocean every day and night.


This is my other white metal heart. It has been from room to room and finally has become a part of my room. This holds my tea light that I got for christmas that smells like toasted marshmallows… mmmmm

I also have a part of a tree trunk attached to the wall in my room to add nature to my bedroom. This is because part of the Feng Shui belief is that nature has to be both inside and outside the house in order to create the perfect balance.