My empty heart

It feels no pain

Cupid’s arrow pierced a part

I thought could never be slain

My love for you

Was all I had

It made me feel true

But the truth made me mad

I thought our love would last

Until the end of days

But obviously you were not having a blast

When you changed your ways

You never told me her name

Just left a simple letter

Your letter was the same

It said you had found better

I knew I should have never trusted you

I should have listened to my dad

When he saw you he knew

That one day you would make me sad

You left me with nothing

When you walked out that door

Our love was just a fling

I should have realised that before

Now I am just an empty shell

With a black heart

My heart is trapped inside a cell

It does not want to depart

My heart has been shattered

Like a pane of glass

My body has been battered

By our troubled past

You broke me and my heart

That day you walked out on me

I know I can’t restart

My life the way it used to be

So here I am there is nothing left

Just my body, no soul

So this is my goodbye, it may seem hefty

But I am no longer whole

Cupid’s Arrow