One of the things I find most annoying in this world is that so many people in this small area want to be top dog. This means they see themselves as better than everyone else and will do whatever it takes to keep that image. Over the many years of my life I have experienced this many times. People want to do and be more than they can be and they think that you do not fit into the perfect lifestyle they have planned.

Why do people do this, they see life as a game to get everything and win. I have seen so many people that have done this before they have a social image to portray and want everything to be perfect. Some people because of their social life want the perfect house, the perfect family and the perfect lifestyle. But what these people don’t seem to understand is that life is not about winning it is about living.

Life in my opinion is about living each moment to the fullest and remembering your values. People like this forget to understand that in order to have a perfect life other people have to pay the price. They have to give up something in order for you to have something. What’s the point in that??? Other people get all the benefits whereas people like me have to fight for what we want and don’t get it handed to us on a silver platter.