So today’s prompt from the daily prompt was to talk about an offer I couldn’t refuse. There are many offers in this world you are offered: a better job, a better house, a better soul mate. But the only offer I would never be able to refuse is that people like me, people with social problems and disabilities are not shunted out of society.

Constantly people with disabilities or social problems are deemed as the problems with this world. So many people walk by me and snigger or talk about me behind my back. So if this world offered me and people like me to be treated as equals and not misjudged or mistreated I would not be able to refuse. I live in a world where people are so focused on the normal that when something abnormal comes along it is treated with disrespect.

I have lost many friends and many people treat me like an freak. I no longer want to live in fear. I want to live in hope. I want to live in a world where I can be who I am on the inside, where I don’t have to hide from others. If this world in my dreams was offered to me I would be unable to refuse. For I have lived like this my whole life and I constantly dream of a better world.

But this is just my dream nothing more nothing less. I must learn to understand that. 😐

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