If you had to choose between being able to write a bblog, but not reading others. Or being able to read other blogs but not write your own. Which would you choose and why?

This is a really stupid prompt I mean many people would choose writing a blog. As alot of people like me find that blogging is a big part of their lives. I mean for me blogging is a way of expressing my problems, a way of telling the world who I am wthout having to speak to anyone. So when a question on the daily prompt comes up like this, I think its stupid, as most people currently reading that post would rather write than read. To write or not to write. That is the question. Blogging may be new to me but without it my life would be nothing. I have no friends and I struggle with life, that is why I put my heart and soul into this blog. It is also the reason why I would choose to blog instead of reading blogs. As how would I be able to share my story then????

Morton’s Fork