We live in a world with very little space, yet the population seems to be on the increase. We currently have on this small plant a massive 7 billion people. And this number is on the increase. Many people don’t realise that population is as big an issue as terrorism. So I thought I would explain in this post the issues that arise from the global population increasing, and how it can affect your local area.

I live in the UK and this is one of the smallest islands in the world but yet has over 70 million people squished into this tiny island. Even though we are one of the smallest islands we still have lots of people immigrating into the UK, as the appeal of the UK is alot higher than other countries. Most of the people coming into the UK prefer to stay down south as that is where the bigger cities are. The population density of the UK can be seen in this chart below.


The increase in global population has become a problem becuase

  • We have limited space to house people and will end up using natural land
  • We have limited resources to deal with the amount needed. Already people in third world countries are becoming poor and have nothing, because of the pressure of increasing population.
  • More schools would need to be built and current ones expanded which reduces the schools that I once knew. Before I would be able to have 1 and 1 lessons with tutors but I am unsure if expanding schools would allow potential students to have that benefit that helped me in my many school years.
  • We would loose a lot of green spaces as urbanisation would take over to ensure that all the population have a place to live and also places to have fun.
  • There would also be less jobs available and this means more people will be unemployed. This has a knock on effect on the government and the economy.
  • Also public services like the fire service and healthcare service and the transport infastructure would be under strain due the increase in people using them.
  • Governments across the world would loose money and this will affect the economy of that country. This in turn will affect the global economy and this has a knock on effect across the world.

I believe this is a major issue and therefore needs to be sorted. Many people don’t realise the full extent of an increasing population and the many effects it has on the world. This is just the start of a bigger problem that stretches all across the world. What happens when we reach 8 billion people? What happens then?