Although my life has had many ups and downs,

Better answers to the problems might never be found.

Counting the stars up in the sky,

Doing my best to get by.

Everyday is a new beginning, a fresh start,

Family is at the centre of my heart.

Goodness in everything I do,

Helps me to be true.

Inside I may feel broken,

Joyful smiles are my token.

Kindness helps me to see the best this world has,

Life is full with my own pizazz.

Many people look at me funny,

Nobody could replace this blondie!!

Oh, why does no one ever understand,

Perhaps they just need just a little help, to make them stand.

Questions with no answers thats all I ever get,

Ruth? Why are you not doing anything yet?

Sometimes I just wish people would leave me alone,

They live their lives of moan.

Understanding me might be a difficult task,

Various people have tried to unmask.

What lies behind me at first sight,

Xenophobia is what I want to fight.

Yet I still believe,

Zen goodness is what I aim to achieve.