I think this song by Bastille sums up what it is like to loose all your memories to the ashes. To me the lyrics are very powerful and are perfect for this prompt. In yesterdays post I wrote about the five things I would save, but now I must turn the tables and look at the things I lost to the flames.

Our homes are a collection of our deepest desires, our secrets and our lives. If that all burnt to the ground we would be left with nothing but an empty shell. A home without a heart, a home with no personality. To me everything would be gone, I have lived in my house for 12 years and to see that all erupt in flames before my eyes would be devastating.

Probably a lot of us have created memories in our homes, we have made them perfect and they are full with our stuff. To me a burnt house is not a home, it no longer contains the memories we as a family made, all my artwork as a child.. Gone, all my collections… Gone.

So what would I miss… I don’t know….

  • My stories and art I created as a child
  • My photos
  • My book collection
  • My christening gifts
  • My cards
  • My song book – not that great but you know
  • My diaries
  • My other teddies
  • My new speaker