Your home is on fire. Grab five items (assuming all people and animals are safe). What did you grab?

Many of us treasure all the things we have in life and the possessions we own, but what if that was all taken away. For me this was an easy as I don’t own many processions so the things I would treasure and keep are very small. Also I realised that a lot of my possessions can be replaced and I would only want to keep the things that have a meaning and a story behind them.

So here is my list of five items:

  1. Clown – This is my special teddybear who looks like a clown, he is the only one of his kind and is very rare. He was given to me as a baby from my Godparents whom are now both dead. Clown is the only thing I treasure as he is the only thing connecting me to my godparents who I remember fondly.
  2. Mouse Statue – When I was a child I was given a mouse statue where the mouse was eating strawberries. I used to love it and til this day is still in my room. This statue is the only one I have ever found and I love it as it reminds me of my childhood.
  3. Degas Statues and book – As a child I was very into Degas statues and over the years I managed to collect about 3 statues, all with their own unique appearance and all of them different.
  4. Blankie – Over the years my mum has been making me a blankie with all my memories on it. It includes cloth badges and bits of my favourite t-shirts. It is nearly complete but that blankie is a part of me and will always be with me wherever I go.
  5. My Phone – Although I thought I could get rid of my phone I don’t think I would. I have spent ages building games up and it is my only way of contacting family if I am on my own. My phone and the headphones attached are my lifeline and without them I would be nothing.
Mouse Statue

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