Recently I have been looking back at how much things have changed over the years. As we get older our lives change, we experience new sensations and learn new things. We may change our appearance, our tastes, our friends and our plan for the future…. But are we still the same person inside? So I am going to be going through my favourite things when I was a child and now that I am 18.

Favourite Band:


I hate to admit it… but when I was young I adored Westlife. Many people think Westlife are gay or stupid, but the songs just moved me. They were my favourite band for many years and its very sad.. I still know the lyrics to most of their songs. When I used to tell people I liked Westlife they just used to laugh at me. They never understood. I brought all their albums and sung all their songs when they came on the radio. When they split up a few years ago I was so sad I almost cried. But I didn’t so that was very good news for me.

I have completely changed my opinion on my music taste. I now like Green Day who are a very much Rock band. I like their older songs more than their newer ones as I think they focused more on the lyrics instead of the power. I have been to see them twice with my dad in concert as we both like Green Day. My favourite Album of theirs has to be American Idiot because I like all the songs on there. But even though I have changed my musical opinion entirely I still listen to Westlife songs every now and then as they have a special place in my heart.

Favourite Book:

My favourite book as a child was the Harry Potter series, like many other kids I found I could escape reality into the magical world of Hogwarts. I loved the characters and the stories that J.K Rowling created and was so happy when they were put into movies. I think the way the stories were told were so powerful it felt to me like I was standing right next to Harry and the Order of the Phoenix in the final battle. I think when I saw the final movie… I actually cried and had tears dripping down my eyes. The fandom has been a big part of my life and has been there always. I am still to this day in love with the Harry Potter books, and many people might often see me utter magical curses on others. I know I JAf-BLIKbXYsPcrvZkQaZcsedjEmFgr-CaRsbd-sMoEam not magic… but I still like to believe I am.

For my 18th birthday treat my parents took me and my sister to Florida to Universal Orlando, where I got to experience first hand the magic of Harry Potter. It was the best experience I have ever had and will never forget the memories created and the memories I will treasure. I got to see the world of Harry Potter like never before, and as the big kid I am I couldn’t have asked for a better treat for my big birthday.