Pick a contentious issue about which you care deeply – it could be the same sex marriage debate or just a disagreement you are having with your friend. Write a post defending the opposite position and then write about what it was like to do that. – https://dailypost.wordpress.com

According to an online dictionary discrimination means the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex. Normally I am very much against the idea of discrimination, but today I am going to be writing about how discrimination can be good.

Discrimination is a nasty word for people describing their own opinions and feelings. We are all entitled to freedom of speech and freedom of expression, so why do we class this as being an unjust form of cruelty to another human being. We judge books and movies yet it is deemed as rude to judge each other. I think discrimination is good because it provides people the chance to understand what others think about them. Also I feel that the person doing the discrimination or causing the issue might be having issues in other places, like at home. Therefore he/she is letting out his/her problems with life by having a go at other people. We judge these people because of the bad things they do, but no-one does it for fun, there is always a story behind everyones actions. I think the word discrimination is a cruel misjudgement for a sad and lonely individual who does not know how to do it themselves.

What it was like:

That was really hard to do.. When it is a subject you care about deeply, it is very difficult to write about the other side of the story. We all have our own opinions about a topic and when you are asked to think about how the other person feels you can’t as you are so focused on your own beliefs.