I have been thinking a lot about my career recently, I am not where I wanted to be. My career is practically nothing at the moment. But in a small moment of intuition I decided to look back and think about all my aspirations I had as a child and what became of them.

Childhood dream 1 – Nursedoctor-563428__180

I always remember my first childhood dream was to become a nurse. I spent most of my childhood days in hospitals having check ups and appointments that I kinda saw them as heroes. But then I had the sudden realisation at a very young age that hospitals were not where I wanted to work. It would have been a nice job but it just wasn’t for me.

Childhood dream 2 – Archeologist / Historian

mayan-542085_640I then decided that I wanted to become an archeologist or a historian as at the time History was my favourite subject in school. I had a really good teacher at the time and he made history so fun. We used to play games in class, but then me and him had an argument and I hated history. I then went and did GCSE History which I failed because of bad teachers again. I wanted to be an archeologist also because I liked the myths and legends surrounding ancient history. I always preferred ancient history but the modern curriculum would not have allowed me to further my love for ancient stories so I gave up. I did sign up to young archeologists magazine for a few months but then cancelled the subscription because I had decided on another career path.

Childhood dream 3 – Hotel/Inn Manager 

So after that disaster of a plan I decided that I wanted to be a inn manager and run my own business. I wanted to be this as at the time my favourite lesson in school was Hospitality and Catering. I had completely done a u-turn on my future plans and changed my field of speciality completely. I had started to plan everything I wanted to do but then had a meeting with the careers advisor, she told me it would be impossible. She said you would have to have specific qualities that I did not possess and that I was not a business person.

Childhood dream 4 – Chocolatier chocolate-183543__180

That dream went downhill pretty quickly but I knew that I was now in the right area of expertise. I wanted to start out being a chocolatier and started experimenting at home with chocolate. Also I read the book chocolatier, and fell in love with the simple way of life the chocolatier has. But I then decided that my dream was to ambitious and was too hard to aim for and also I am not the world’s biggest fan of chocolate so it was a dead end.

Childhood dream 5 – Chef/Bakerbell-pepper-569070__180

My most recent dream and this is still my current ambition was to be a chef or a baker. I love to cook and have a passion for experimenting with flavours. I am the chef at home and a number of my voluntary organisations. My favourite chefs are Sam Stern and Jamie Oliver. I wanted to be a chef when I realised that this was were my skills lie. Although I am not currently a chef, I am working towards becoming one by starting at the bottom of this industry and working my way up.

Reality – 

 I am supposed to be working at a 4 star hotel in the restaurant as a waitress, but the hotel never calls me in. So I now do a lot of volunteer work in a number of organisations to fill up my days while I try and find the perfect job for me to do. The perfect job is out there somewhere and I am currently on the path to finding it, it may be a long path but its my path and thats all that matters to me.