I have been recently thinking about the meaning of friendship. People pretend to be friend, they hang around with you but don’t care about what you feel like on the inside. They leave to burn when the going gets tough and forget about you. I have had to many people do this to me and fake friendship. Why do people do this it just hurts the other person more than the one who hurt them.

So what is a true friend?

I believe a true friend should stay with you through difficult times, have a shoulder to cry on and be by your side at all times. But then you don’t want them to be too close and you want them to maintain their space as sometimes people forget that friendship is not just about being there but also knowing people’s boundaries. A true friend does not forget about you and leave you. I also find it is very important to have trust, honesty and integrity in a friendship as without that your friendship would be based on lies which can often build up and build up until they stab you in the back.

Why I believe this is important?

I believe it is important to understand the true meaning of friendship, as this basic meaning has been shunted aside my common media misconceptions. Many people look to the TV and media to understand the meaning of friendship but they don’t understand its inside us and that is what makes it special. We all have the capability to be a good friend but it is dependent on how we use this power inside as to whether we are a good friend or a bad friend.