An Autistic Child

Here I am locked inside my own little world,

You don’t think I listen but I hear every word.

Sometimes I get frustrated because you don’t understand,

It’s not my fault, It’s the way I am!

I wish I could say what I want to say,

But I’m Autistic so that kind of gets in the way.

For those who don’t know me,

They probably think I’m out of control,

If only they could play my role!

There are lots of others who feel the same,

A constant battle, a losing game.

For those who look after me its two steps forward but ten back.

Will they ever get the answers they lack?

Family and friends try their best but they are exhausted,

In desperate need of rest.

Someday I hope they will find the key,

To unlock the missing piece hidden deep within me.

Susie Logan