Warning – Weird randomness ahead, beware for stupidity!!

I have been recently thinking about Interviews, I had sort of an interview on Tuesday and the interviewer asked questions like Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What do you plan to do with your career? Where do you work? It’s all so boring and receptive, work, work work. What about the other things in my life?? Nobody ever asks those kind of questions in a professional interview. I often find it quite amusing when someone is interviewing me and they ask a random question that has no relation to the topic. So in order to complete my desire to have a completely ridiculous interview and ask the questions I want to ask… I have decided to interview myself.

R: Hi Ruth, I am so glad to finally meet you, and Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.

R: I don’t mind doing it, I am happy to be here anyway.

R: So lets get to it, shall we? I am looking to find out some juicy information that you have never shared before. These will give me more of an understanding of you. I recently heard that you are very into music and love listening to music so what is your favourite song and why is it special?

R: My favourite song has to be Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day, as the lyrics are very powerful to me. I have seen them play this live in concert and don’t think it could have been better.

R: Now, Whats your most embarrassing song on your playlist?

R: Mmmm….. This Afternoon by Nickelback.. I love the song but so many people when they see Nickelback on my playlist they look at me like I’m weird. It’s obviously something about Nickelback that many people don’t like. Also this song is the most embarrassing as the lyrics and the music video are slightly weird and don’t make any sense.

R: When was the last time you played air guitar?

R: I last played air guitar in the pool on holiday. They were playing rock music… I just kinda got into the feel of it. My sister did it with me so I was not alone and a lot of other people were doing the same.

R: Whats your strangest phobia?

R: I have a lot of weird phobias… I am scared of a lot of things. I have a fear of vacuum cleaners, every time my mum cleans I run out of the room screaming thinking the hoover will attack me and eat me up. That is probably my strangest phobia.

R: Do you have any other phobias?

R: I have a fear of thunder, lightning, horses, heights and hospitals.

R: Wow, that’s a lot of phobias. Are you a worrier then?

R: Not really, I tend to just live life and don’t really worry about many things. I am very peaceful.

R: What is your least favourite food?

R: I once tried Tinned Macaroni Cheese as it was quick and easy and there was nothing else in the cafe I wanted. It was the most disgusting thing ever. Tasted nothing like Macaroni Cheese. Ewwwww

R: Really! I always thought tinned was the same as home cooked. What’s your favourite food?

R: I like many things but I think my favourite food has to be those duck pancakes with hoisin sauce mmmmm….

R: Do you have any special talents?

R: I think my very special talent is cooking. I don’t have to read a recipe to know what to put together when I cook I just go with my gut as I know internally it will work. The presentation is not always there but for me it’s more about the taste. I have learnt to adapt recipes and make them my own.

R: Wow, I can’t cook at all your parents must be so happy to have you cook all the meals for you. Now, What’s the worst movie you ever watched, that made you realise we have no hope in humanity?

R: I would have to say The Social Network. I had to watch that movie as part of business and enterprise because Mark Zuckerberg is apparently an inspiration in the world of business. The movie was really bad and just made me realise how much we have lost our creativity.. a movie about Facebook and how it was created… who in their right minds wants to know that????

R: I never saw that movie and now I am very glad I didn’t. Well, this interview went quite well I think.. Did you enjoy it?

R: I loved it..

R: Bye, Hope to see you soon.

R: Bye to you too.