Selfies… it has officially been deemed as an offical word now, but what’s the point in this worldwide craze. I am not a big fan of selfies as I have seen so many people I know become victims of the selfie fandom. However I do think that selfies are now one of the most common forms of photogrpahy and are one of the main areas of photography for the past few years. A selfie is when someone takes a picture of themselves with a smartphone or camera and posts it onto their snapchat, instagram, Facebook or twitter. Now I have to admit I don’t take selfies but I have been part of many selfies with my family.

2014-08-28 11.49.44
Sisters Selfie!!

What I hate about selfies

Selfies are usually taken by yourself but so many people seem to have thown that rule out of the window as they selfie with friends family. They post pictures like Selfie with my best friend. THAT’S NOT A SELFIE!! In what world does SELFie not mean a picture by yourself?? I have seen this happen a number of times where people gather a large group and say “Selfie..” In my opinion this will never be deemed a selfie instead a groupie. But yet they are all classed as selfies… how stupid is that.

Many of the people who take selfies are lacking in self-confidence and do not believe themselves to be pretty or handsome. They post pictures of themselves on Facebook hoping to get likes and comments and this makes them feel better. Well one word of advise their are people in this world who appreciate you for who you are and do not need to see a picture of you wearing sexy clothes just to be there for you. If you want to get compliments about the way you look be more confident with who you are, everyone is unique and we all have to accept this.

So many people seem to selfie in the bathroom… Why would you selfie in the bathroom? To me that room is not the best place to take a photo as many people have poops in there so in my opinion it does not create a nice image of you. If you want to selfie pick a better location….. the bathroom is the least appealing place to do it so why do so many people take photos in there?

My sister

Many people who are victims of this craze can post numerous selfies in one day. In my opinion take one selfie a day or a week as you don’t need to post the same picture over.. and over and over again but from different angles. Also why do people always take selfies at an angle.. it doesn’t make the picture look any better.

Another thing I don’t like about selfies is the duck face craze. You see people everywhere doing the duck face… it doesn’t look that nice. I mean a smile would be much nicer but obviously some people think that by puckering their lips and making them look fat, they might get extra attention. Doing the duck face is a stupid craze and I hope that it goes out of fashion as it not nice to see on a photo. I would much rather see someone being natural instead of posing and making themselves look better than they are.



When I saw this video I thought it best explained in a fun way the issues many people have with selfies and sites like Instagram and Snapchat. I hope this is a lesson to all those out there who are like this and makes you out there understand that selfies are not an important part in life. There’s a whole world out there for you to see and you don’t have to be snapping everywhere you go.