Tell us about a conversation you couldn’t help overhear and wish you hadn’t.

Scene is set in a classroom on a focus day (where people come in and give presentations to the students on drugs, and other stuff). Ruth is sitting near the front of the classroom, absorbed in a book. Girls all around her are chatting and gossiping.

Hannah whispers silently to Chloe both of them start sniggering and laughing.

Hannah – God she’s such an idiot, she’s pulling that stupid spastic face again.

Chloe – Ha ha ha ha, you’re so funny. It’s true though I never noticed that spastic face.

Hannah – What the hell is wrong with her

Chloe – Why don’t you ask her?

Hannah turns her chair around to Ruth who is still currently absorbed in her book.

Hannah – Hey spaz

Ruth looks up from her book and sees Hannah talking to her. She just stares at Hannah while holding the book in one hand and picking her fingers with the other. 

Hannah – Put that stupid book down you idiot!!

Ruth – What’s your problem?, I was very much enjoying that book.

Hannah – You are stupid! Picking your fingernails again are we…. Feeling nervous wanna retreat back to your stupid book.

Ruth – I – I am not feeling nervous, I just don’t like focus days.

Hannah – I don’t care about your stupid feelings, I just want to know why you are pulling that spastic face?

Ruth – Wha-a-a-a-t face?? This is my normal face, I am not pulling any face. What are you talking about?

Hannah and Chloe both turn around fully and pull a horrible spastic face at Ruth. Tears stream down her eyes, she knows she can’t change who she is and wishes people would understand that. Ruth slams her fist down on the table, making her book topple onto the floor. She gets up and runs out of the classroom never wanting to see those bullies again. She picks up her bag and books before leaving and just goes out. The whole class is looking at her while she leaves the classroom and she can hear Hannah and Chloe’s harsh laughs like shots being fired from a gun, each one of them hurting her more.


What I learned from this experience:

I learnt that bullies will always be bullies and that they will do anything they can to hurt you. From this experience I began to understand that it is not a good idea to fuel bullies with more and more ways to hurt you. I think of bullies as fire, they hurt at first and can do a lot of damage, but you fuel them more and you are more likely to be burnt.

This script is based on a true conversation between me and a few other girls and the way I reacted was also true. Now that I am older and looking back I regret reacting the way I did as it made me seem weak and able to be bullied. I hope by reading this story you will understand that when it comes to dealing with bullies, don’t stoop to their level like I did. Be smart, be wise and be prepared for anything. I would say the best advice I can give to anyone in the same situation as I was ignore them, and if they become persistent tell an adult as they are always there to help.

My favourite technique for dealing with bullies was developed from this incident and that is to say Thank You. If someone comes up to you and calls you fat, say thank you as they would least expect you to change what was meant as a rude comment into a compliment. This technique aims to confuse them and since I started using this technique bullies no longer bothered me. I hope this story is an example of what not to do and that you learn from my mistakes. 🙂