When I watched this video, it really brought out to me how far society has gone to becoming anti-social. People say this world is interconnected with all this social network, but do they think about the effect it has. I have seen so many people become addicted to social media, they lock themselves out from the world never wanting to see the light of day again. I do not think this is right. I have a Facebook and Twitter account but I have come to release the hold that Facebook once had.

So the question I want to ask is can we autocorrect humanity? I want to know if we can stop this madness and release society from the hold that social media has on them. I have seen some of the worst cases of addiction in my own family. My cousin posted a whole album of her gravy burn and posts about having a shower. I see Facebook as a drug and should be illegalised like Heroin and Cocaine. People spend endless time on their phones and I think they need to look up from the display and take in the world around them for the best it currently is. See the beauty this world offers instead of characters on a screen. But this issue is an issue we have to work together to solve, the world will not get better if we sit there and do nothing. We need to autocorrect humanity.

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