I love listening to music and spend at least sometime everyday with headphones or singing along to a tune. Some songs I have listened to over the years have a special place in my heart and these songs are what I am going to write about today.

Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Green Day

This song reminds me of my life now and will always have a special place in my heart. The lyrics are very powerful and give a special meaning to me. Especially the part “I walk a lonely road, the only one that I have ever known.” I see that road as the road of my life, it is a very lonely road and the only person I can really trust is my shadow, who will stick beside me no matter what. It gives me hope when so many of my friends have ditched me. I saw Green Day perform this song in concert a number of times and it reminds me of the happy time I felt. So this song creates a mixture of emotions for me but I enjoy it and it is my favourite song of all time.

Seasons in the Sun – Westlife

Even though Westlife has recently separated and I am now into rock music more, this song will always remind me of my childhood. When I was about 12 Westlife were my favourite band and I would spend ages listening to all their songs. I think I know all the words to every single one. But then my music taste changed and I got more into rock music, but even though my music choices have changed I will never forget this song. Also the lyrics to this song hold a lot of meaning to me and I constantly think about the people who have died. This song may be sad but it is one of my favourite songs and I cry every time I hear it.

Hey Brother – Avicii

I watched the youtube video first, and I think this video as well as the song really touched my heart. The Swedish DJ Avicii is one of my favourite artists because he does not conform to one genre and as a DJ he explores many different avenues. I think this one means a lot to me because of the links to the war and loss. The video really moved me and I think I actually cried as he lost a brother. My sister absolutely hates this song, but I don’t care what other people think this is one of my favourite photos and always reminds me of someone I have lost or of other families who have suffered loss due to the war.