My name is Ruth and this is my crazy world. All my life I have struggled with a lot of things but one of the biggest issues I have found over the years is social communication. I don’t have many friends and I often find it difficult to communicate my own personal feelings with the people around me. I have recently left the education system and I am personally glad I have done it, as it caused me a lot of issues. Over the recent years I have managed to gain a lot of confidence, that I am know doing better than I ever thought I could.

So why am I blogging?

I am blogging as I thought this would be the best way of communicating my opinions and feelings to the world. I can share my thoughts easier through blogging than I can through social interactions. I called this blog Anything 2 Autopsy as I will be talking about everything and anything that comes to my mind. I see it as a way of dissecting the modern world and providing my own perspective on a lot of current issues in modern society. I will be talking about my life and what I have learned by making mistakes as well as giving reviews on movies, books and other things. I also want to talk about issues within society like Social Media.

Who do I want to connect with by having this blog?

I want to connect with the world and the people like me who have trouble communicating their feelings and opinions. I hope to have a number of people accept me and my opinions. I really hope you like the blog and enjoy having an insight into my crazy mind. 😛