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November 2014

When photography met nature…

The choice that changed it all – Part one

At the Army Hospital: The hospital - A place of sorrow, despair and misery. It's whitewashed walls and barred windows creating some sort of prison. But this was no ordinary hospital..... every bed was occupied with wounded soldiers back from... Continue Reading →

Twitter, a world full of inspiration

I have a twitter account and just thought I would share a few of my favourite tweets with you. Hope you like them. Follow me on Twitter if you liked these posts

Current song playlist

The music you listen to says a lot about who you really are. It gives others an insight into what goes on in your head as the kind of music you listen to reflects a lot of your personality and... Continue Reading →

My Bucket List

What is a bucket list and why create one? Well a bucket list is a list of things you have wanted to achieve or want to try and do before you die. This list can be as wacky as you... Continue Reading →

Remember the fallen…

Remember Them They heard the call, they answered yes, They proudly wore the battle dress. For us who live they gave us all, That our great flag would never fall. Let us this day remember all, Who answered yes, who... Continue Reading →

3 songs of my life

I love listening to music and spend at least sometime everyday with headphones or singing along to a tune. Some songs I have listened to over the years have a special place in my heart and these songs are what... Continue Reading →

Can we autocorrect humanity?   When I watched this video, it really brought out to me how far society has gone to becoming anti-social. People say this world is interconnected with all this social network, but do they think about the effect it... Continue Reading →

What makes me smile

100 things that make me smile: My family My best friend Anisa Strawberries Random acts of kindness Being on the water The ocean The sand The beach Macaroni cheese Swimming fish Being on the swing Listening to good music Reading... Continue Reading →

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